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Maintaining your Jewelry

All jewelry from Jewels by AS is made from stainless steel. Our jewelry remains stylish, radiant, and maintains its value throughout the years.


Over time, stainless steel jewelry may lose its shine due to contact with various objects and products. Wearing perfume, sleeping or showering with your jewelry, and performing physical labor can all damage your jewelry.


That's why it is important to maintain your jewelry properly. With the polishing cloth and cleaning set from Jewels by AS, you can ensure that your jewelry will shine just a little bit extra.

The polishing cloth and cleaning set can be used for all types of jewelry. If your jewelry has lost its luster after a long period of wear, simply purchase a polishing cloth or cleaning set.


We also have a few other tips on how to keep your jewelry looking as beautiful as possible:

  • Apply your daily skincare routine, perfume, and makeup before putting on your gold jewelry.
  • Take off your jewelry before sleeping. This way, your skin's natural acidity won't affect the gold.
  • Avoid wearing your gold jewelry while swimming, exercising, or showering.
  • Remove your jewelry temporarily during physical labor.
  • Finally, use a jewelry box to keep your jewelry neat and organized.